Real-Time Moodsensed Playlists Start or join a session for the evening… GroovSense does the rest.

GroovSense works by using a combination of technologies to create the perfect playlist in real time. It works by creating a virtual perimeter around the host, then includes the music taste and feedback of guests within that space.

​​GroovSense uses patent pending technology to sense and understand how the audience is reacting to the music playing. The proprietary AI algorithm continually adjusts the selection to optimise the group listening experience.

Event hosts do not know the music tastes and preferences of their guests

Automatically generates and plays music based on the crowd’s collective taste

Conventional playlists aren’t dynamic and don’t change with the room

Uses active and passive audience feedback to gauge the reaction of the crowd and augment the playlist in real time

Event guests currently have to pester hosts or navigate jukebox apps to hear songs they love

Incorporates cutting edge behavioural sensing that passively detects when users are dancing and improves the playlist accordingly

The social and interactive music scene needs to upgrade into an oncoming ecosystem of virtual interaction

GroovSense facilitates both live and remote shared musical experiences, facilitating parties anytime anywhere

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